ERP predictions for the year 2020

Adapting to technology has proven essential to businesses. This is why enterprises are now relying on ERP solutions. Like any other technology, ERP has been evolving over the years, let’s see what are the top ERP trends to look out for in 2020:

Two Tier Model

Two-tier ERP is used by organizations that have multiple sites or are based on multiple geographical level. Such systems are not only less complex to implement (in comparison to tier 1 ERP) but it is al...

Benefits of having a Re-Order System in an ERP

Having an optimum inventory is the idlest thing every company wishes for. To achieve this, manual methods of managing inventory level isn’t just enough. Which is why companies need to have a Re-Order System in their ERP.

A reorder system analyzes the flow of stocks in and out of the inventory. Once the analysis is done the system fixes a reorder point. After the point is fixed it turns easy to maintain the inventory at an optimum level. Knowing the reorder point is ...

5 benefits start-ups get in 2020 from GST council’s decision

The GST council has introduced electronic- invoice or e-invoice for business to business (B2B) transactions. This system is to be implemented in a phased manner from 1st January 2020 on a voluntary basis. This mechanism has made it easy for taxpayers to report invoices to the GST system. The process standardizes the invoice submission process, ensuring the fact that there is no confusion.

Businesses adopting this type of process will ensure that the invoice shared by...

Data Handling using ERP

ERP is all about its capability to manage data from various functional areas of an organization. It revolves around finance & accounting, sales, HR, supply chain management, etc. Every module comprises data with which an organization makes important decisions. Hence it is vital to categorize these data. This gives an organization a structured approach to store and arrange data.

1. Employee

Details regarding employees are stored under this category. De...