So you are managing a multi-branch business. Well, congrats! Business ownership, innovative ideas, profitability, supervising brand in the competitive market… Woo-hoo! That’s an incredible thing!

But as they say, ‘Every coin has two sides’, we do understand that handling a multi-branch enterprise can be daunting, especially when you don’t have a reliable resource that can update you with the daily ins and outs. Ever thought what’s going in other branches while you’re busy with some crucial work? What’re your employees up to? These questions might seem trifling at the moment but, surely hold a tenor for long-term. Wondering how can you stay completely aware of your multi-branch business without breaking the bank? ERP is the answer!

If you’re hearing the term ‘ERP’ for the first time, don’t worry. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a state-of-the-art business management tool designed to simplify all the day-to-day activities going out in your organization. If you’re still stuck in the 90’s and using the regular accounting software, it’s time to take a step ahead in the direction of innovation and use ERP for leveraging your business growth. Since you’re handling multi-branch business, you should invest in a cloud-based ERP solution like RujulERP. It uses Amazon Web Services that allows you to monitor and control your business activities from any corner of the world – May it is your home, another city, or even while you’re sitting in your car. Unlike the traditional ERPs available in the market, RujulERP allows you to access accounting, payroll, finance, inventory, and all the major processes without any hassle.

Fascinating! Ain’t it?

Now you might feel hesitant in terms of safety and security. Actually, that’s legitimate because we keep hearing regarding fraudster activities in business every now and then. But, to your surprise, RujulERP is an industry-specific ERP software with staunch features. You won’t be facing such difficulties once you implement RujulERP in your organization. Oh, if you are considering that it would be a costly software. Let us clear the air! Despite being a top-notch ERP product, RujulERP is extremely affordable. This is why many prominent names in the industry have started implementing it.


Don’t fall in the honeytrap of glittery advertisements and choose RujulERP for regulating your business. Staying updated anywhere and at any time will undeniably give you a leading edge in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Channelize the power of RujulERP and update your business process like a pro! More power to your company!