About the Company

MHKS TyreCare is Nagpur based trading company, it is among the most promising central India’s supplier for Tyre, Tubes and Lubricants of multiple brands. As the company is among the top most distributor of Tyre and Tyre related products and services it is also focused and paying complete attention on uncompromising product and services qualities. The company believes every single process in the entire value chain from sales to inventory control and procurement, and accounting to financial reporting is of prime importance. Almost all the trading business often operate on wafer thin margins and the line between good better and excellent is actually quite thin.

MHKS TyreCare is committed towards the needs of their customers. The company strongly believes in a solution-centric approach and vertical focus. In all their day to day activities they find it difficult to manage the entire chain from purchasing to selling and services. MHKS quickly realized that they need an integrated end-to-end ERP solution to agile the business process and to deep market penetration, the company began its search for an ERP solution that would enable company to streamline branch operations and service its customers quickly and efficiently. And their search ends at RnR RujulERP – Tyre ‘The only TyreERP Software that delivers the best’

Key Challenges faced by MHKS TyreCare, Nagpur

  • Price control & credit controls
  • Follow-up for services likes AMC due etc.
  • Improper monitoring of receivables, payables and supplier schemes
  • Improper monitoring of Accounts & finance
  • Multi-Location Multi-Branch
  • How to retain old customers to renew services
  • No proper tool to view stock and warehouse details
  • Unable to send Service Reminders
  • Lack of effective inventory planning
  • Difficulty in compiling information across various locations
  • Need for ERP that control branch Operations from HO

MHKS is growing so fast that it was almost outrunning itself. But as research shows ‘growth comes with challenges’. The company’s exponential growth culminated in the opening its 6th branch at Kamptee Road, Nagpur. The existing legacy system of MHKS was not capable enough to handle the increase in transaction volumes and operational expenses. Soon managing multiple branches with not so strong software; proved to be a phenomenal challenge. As the company believes in expanding its presence to multiple locations, right now it has 7 branches in different areas of city. Managing inventory of these branches along with the head office proved to be the biggest challenge company had ever faced, owner of MHKS ‘Mufaddal Amin’ added; it was critical to streamline the supply chain on real time basis. Without an integrated ERP system it becomes more and more complex to plan inter branch stock transfers from central distribution center of MHKS at Jaripatka Nagpur. In no time the company realizes that now it become impossible to monitor 7 branches from head office with outdated software. In the mean-time company also faced mounting challenges from its foes. Company is brink of taking the decision. It seems impossible to calculate the profitability branch-wise however it was the need of the hour.

When this issue was discussed with the experienced and expertise team of professionals at RnR all that was concluded is ‘MHKS needed a dedicated software instead of the existing generalized one’. When we deliver the same message to the owner of MHKS TyreCare he loved the idea and shows his keen interest in implementing it as soon as possible. Working with fidelity, our team implements the software at the head office of MHKS TyreCare first. Working with our solution even the non-technical people in MHKS TyreCare head office start accessing things in brisk which definitely amazed the owner of MHKS Tyres.

Solutions offered by RnR

  • Implementation of credit control at all the levels
  • Centralized inventory & financials monitoring
  • Service Contracts like AMC, Nitrogen Cards sales
  • Dynamic tax configuration
  • Job Card management
  • User friendly Tyre search, compare and suggest utilities


  • Comprehensive, integrated online solution covering all business operations
  • Quick Go-Live
  • All 7 branches were operational within 2 weeks
  • Easy scalability and flexibility to accommodate new branches and users
  • anytime, anywhere access; can review the business 24×7

Can RnR Do It For You?

Of-course we can! To know more details about our software contact us @ info@rnrdatalex.com. Let’s take your business to the next level with RujulERP-Tyre.