Why businesses need cloud-based HR software?

What makes a business work?

Is it the money? Not entirely.

Is it the people in it? 100% Yes!

People are the best investment a business makes. But when it comes to managing work with them, the challenge goes to a whole new level.

Which is why every company has an HR department. It is because of the HR department, businesses are able to manage every process related to an employee from recruitment to requisition to farewell.


How technology has changed the way the HR department works

The HR department is one of the busiest departments in an organization. Things can get really “frenzy” with tons of data to handle. This is why HR departments have started to adopt technology that has changed the way they work. With the implementation of technology operations in the HR department have started to smooth. The way of contacting, organizing & storing employee information and analyzing their performance everything has turned out to be easy.


HR measures post COVID-19

Post COVID everything is going to back to normal is a myth.

Post COVID everyone has to work with the new normal is a new reality.

The impact of the pandemic has created a fear of being infected by one another. The challenge here is “How will the employees work whilst sitting next to each other?”. This is where the role of the HR department comes into the picture. They need to help adjust to the “new normal”.

1. Remote Working

There w...

Tips to strengthen your business during Lockdown

The crisis is a GAME OVER to a few businesses if they don’t see this as an opportunity to grow their business. A productive move will lead you to prosper even in times when everything seems to be a failure.

So, what can you do when coronavirus is all over the place and has caused a major lockdown nationwide. Here a few ways/tips that can help you strengthen your business.

1. Keep...

Ways ERP strengthens remote working

With the chaos started by Coronavirus, it isn’t simple for any company today to manage their business. Definitely, everyone is trying to work remotely. But adapting to this type of work culture is going to take time. To make it easy for everyone to work remotely people are opting for management solutions like ERP. Many companies have already been practicing to manage their business process through an ERP but not completely depending on it.

With the conditions outsi...

How ERP can help businesses manage customers during Coronavirus

Customers are “GOD” to a business. Not giving them a good experience can result in a huge dent in the profit bank of a company. Especially at a time where Coronavirus has created a “huge” chaos. Don’t let them go, primarily during the crisis. Your customers have several options in the ocean. But during these times you don’t have an option.

Adopting to ERP solutions leads to improved internal business processes. With improved proce...

Know which bank is giving 3 months of moratorium to its borrowers

The Reserve Bank of India has given its permission to all the loan providing institutes to offer a moratorium to their borrowers, effective from March till May. This order was passed keeping in mind the pandemic situation that has caused huge chaos in the country. Impacting the lives of several individuals and businesses.

What is a three-month moratorium ?

The three-month moratorium means a borrower doesn’t have to pay the loan EMI instalments during the mo...

How ERP is a boon to MSME?

The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) are the backbone of the Indian economy providing employment to many. With the right technology in their hand and at the right time they can bring a positive change, in the way they work.

MSME has a huge potential to grow. They can harness this potential using an ERP by giving organizations a 360 degree approach, this includes analytics, finances, high-speed deployment, managing human resources, inventory, supply chain and ...

Why companies should adopt Mobile ERP solutions?

From leisure to accessing information, the modern lifestyle demands to have a smartphone. Gone are the days when people had to be around their computers or carry their laptops when it came to managing their business tasks. The best thing that happened for modern businesses today is Mobile ERP. Be anywhere around the world, you carry your business in your pocket.

ERP has its own set of advantages. Mobile ERP gives another level of advantage to businesses. It not only k...