“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

In recent times, the automotive industry is on a boom. That being said, the total number of companies manufacturing automobiles has almost doubled in the past few decades. This has given rise to ‘SMART’ customers. Earlier, people used to rely on the same brand that their father or a close relative would buy or suggest. They had no concern with the features. But, if you see today, even a 20 years old boy would do thorough research about the vehicles present in the market and then filter out the ones with maximum features. After this, he might test drive the top picks and choose the best. This is why the key players in the automobile market are constantly striving to bring about innovative vehicles at affordable costs. Frankly speaking, there’s no other way to retain the customers.

Main Problems Faced by Automotive Industries

Meeting the goal and making the customer happy is definitely not a cake walk. Here is the list of main obstacles that automotive business owners are facing…

  • Higher production cost
  • Vendor management
  • Inventory management
  • Maintaining the vehicle’s efficiency
  • No real-time information access
  • Controlling and monitoring multiple activities
  • Errors in database

How Can Rujul ERP-Automobile Contribute in Automotive Business Success?

According to the majority of automotive business owners, ERP has proven to be an efficient tool for escalating their brand in terms of growth and reputation. Coming to RujulERP-Automobile, it is a software that can address all the major concerns of automotive industries. It enables smooth integration of inventory, sales, purchase, production, and accounts and improves overall productivity. To be precise, RujulERP-Automobile-

  • Manages bills of raw materials
  • Streamlines the workflow
  • Provides data security
  • Allows access to a centralized database
  • Assists in arranging and scheduling appointment swith customers
  • Comprises cloud-based software to access data from multiple locations
  • Automated work-related alerts through SMS and email
  • Has mobile-friendly technology with Business Intelligence for better decision making
  • Generates vehicle-wise unique barcode
  • Simplifies vendor and customer management


These are the key reasons why RujulERP-Automobile is crucial for the success of your automotive business. The best part about RujulERP-Automobile system is that it is easy-to-implement and is highly affordable. Understanding its merits, many big names in the automobile industry have already switched to RujulERP-Automobile. Join them and be a leading name in the Automotive industry. We wish you all the success.