Customers are “GOD” to a business. Not giving them a good experience can result in a huge dent in the profit bank of a company. Especially at a time where Coronavirus has created a “huge” chaos. Don’t let them go, primarily during the crisis. Your customers have several options in the ocean. But during these times you don’t have an option.

Adopting to ERP solutions leads to improved internal business processes. With improved processes businesses can serve their customers better. This leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Let’s understand how ERP can help businesses manage their customers effectively during the pandemic:

1. Streamlining
While everyone is working remotely it is difficult for people to keep the workflow in a flow. By having an ERP solution every operation performed by different employees is made available in real-time. As a result, everything falls in place from start to end.

2. Customer Information
The ERP system keeps information about each and every customer. This includes their basic information and purchase history. With this information, it gets easy for the system to define which customers should get more preference, and accordingly, businesses can reach out to these customers and support them with their after-sales service.

3. Real-Time Information
With information available in real-time your support team and your sales team can easily serve your customers at any point of time. Without having to rely on another individual. If your business is all about managing inventory, you can easily manage supply and demand of every area.

4. Payments
Even before the pandemic set foot. We were already practicing online methods of payments. Remember Demonetization? Everyone has no option but to make and receive payments through online medium. A few online stores are allowed to deliver their products to their customers. They are adopting the online methods of payment to deliver. The ERP automatically makes an entry of everything and at the same time everyone maintains the necessary “social distance”.

Disasters can happen anytime. You can never know anything beforehand. It is best if you automate your processes today using an ERP. This way you free yourself from the hassle of managing everything entirely.