Businesses are facing a slowdown in terms of their operations since the arrival of coronavirus or COVID-19. Keeping in mind the health of every individual the government of every country has announced a lock down, to ensure that everyone is safe and away from the viruses adverse impact.

This decision is a major setback for several businesses. Most companies are able to manage their operations because they made the decision of implementing an ERP even before coronavirus started showing its deadly effect in different countries. While the ones that remain aren’t able to operate because they did not make this decision beforehand.

It is no mystery that an ERP solution can be afforded by the micro small and medium enterprises. Gone are the days when ERP was only affordable to the large industries. Today, what every business is facing, having an ERP solution is a must.

Challenges Businesses are facing due to Coronavirus?

  • Businesses are not able to manage employees or allot tasks to them as they are working from home.
  • Businesses having a supplier or vendor network on a global level find it hard to manage business transactions.
  • Communicating with peers.
  • Losses in business.
  • Data is stored at different locations resulting in confusion.
  • Tracking of data, work and flow of goods & finances

Why is ERP the solution?

We all know what an ERP is, yet if you don’t know what an ERP is, here is a small definition. ERP is a system that integrates and helps to manage the most important processes of a business. Now to the most important part, how ERP is the solution when coronavirus has made it even more challenging to run a business:

  • ERP gives real time data of every activity taking place in your business. With real time data, data would always be at your fingertips, this means you would know what your employees are doing, when they are doing and how much they have accomplished
  • You can keep track of finances and other resources of your company in just a click.
  • Inter department collaboration becomes easy, even when employees of different departments are working from home.
  • The most impacted process of any business in this crisis is the supply chain as it becomes difficult to connect with the vendors or suppliers. With an ERP you already have a list of approved suppliers or vendors that can be an alternative to your regular ones.
  • Work with less number of employees efficiently.
  • Assign them tasks easily and keep track of what was assigned and to whom.
  • ERP systems can provide amazing insights that can be useful even in this hour of trouble.
  • Your distribution network won’t come to a halt as the system would give you alternatives that would always keep your distribution up and running.

To sum it up having an ERP system can help in the most amazing ways. Your business would always be on the run, even during crises like COVID – 19, plus your employees would have a safe and a secure platform to work on.

Even though you don’t have an ERP system now, it is still not late to get an enterprise solution for your company. Now that the government has asked us to quarantine, you can look out for the perfect ERP solution for your company. How would you know it’s perfect for you? It’s very simple you just need to ask for a free demo and you will know which ERP solution is the best for you!