The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) are the backbone of the Indian economy providing employment to many. With the right technology in their hand and at the right time they can bring a positive change, in the way they work.

MSME has a huge potential to grow. They can harness this potential using an ERP by giving organizations a 360 degree approach, this includes analytics, finances, high-speed deployment, managing human resources, inventory, supply chain and every essential business processes.

Key Benefits MSME get

1. Stay Connected
You travel anywhere in the world, you can stay connected to your work and the people you work with through laptops, mobile or tablets.

2. Faster Access to Data
Gives business users fast access to necessary data. Thus, empowering them to make decisions and respond quickly to changing scenarios.

3. Keep your Departments Synced
Instead of every department working on different softwares, businesses can opt for an ERP solution. Saving their employees from going through the trouble of finding, managing and working with the data. The ERP system will keep the data in sync. Also, this will reduce redundancy, make operations smooth and most importantly will clear confusions.

4. Analytics
Get intelligent insights on various aspects of your business. Both internal and external. Allowing MSME’s to plan their next big move that can change the game for them.

5. Systematic
Enables businesses to define roles and responsibilities depending upon the type of user. This keeps everything clear and concise. Resulting in improved productivity.

6. Serve your customers better
Your customer information is maintained in a centralized database. Allowing the sales team to build and/or maintain customer relations. This way it gets easy to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones.

7. Maximize your time
With an ERP the management can focus on essential tasks, instead of working on non essential tasks. This way the management adds more value to the company in less time

8. Data Security
Data security has always been a big deal. With data being shared with so many individuals from different departments, it gets hard to define and understand who manipulated the data and why. But, with an ERP it gets easy to define this and becomes very challenging to hack into.