Retail Management System for Futuristic Retailers

RujulERP for Retail Industry is built to provide a customized platform to manage volumes of data. As retailers need to connect and integrate with multiple channels, they need a solution which is reliable, adaptive and can cater their entire requirement in the easiest way. RujulERP for Retail Industry provides full functionality for retailers to manage Retail Point of Sales, Merchandise, Price & Promotions etc. across multiple stores from the centralized location. Keeping a track record of inventory is among the heftiest jobs in Retail Industry, RujulERP for Retail will automate the entire process from Procurement to Inventory Management for retailers.

Retailers can manage chains of stores and franchises by simply adding new locations. Our solution helps to translate complete transactional data into concise reports. Standard reports like CRM, Procurement, POS, Inventory, Buy-Back, Profitability and many more will help to monitor performance and in making decisions.

Our solution is fast, simple and easy to implement. POS is among the most demanded feature in Retail Industry and talking about the uniqueness of our POS module, it will help retailers to manage Schemes, Franchise, and Loyalty program efficiently. From Inventory to Finance Management everything can be performed in an effective way. Our POS Module is not only capable enough to deliver fast and error-free billing, also it helps in maintaining account details of items and customers which will minimize further efforts of managing them separately.

Nowadays retailers face challenge of ensuring customer experience and loyalty while streamlining healthy bottom-line. Our solution helps retailers to manage customers effectively with Customer Management that allows them to send customized messages to customers and enhance their engagement. Apart from other industries Food and beverages industry faced constant pressure concerning ever-changing demands of consumers and customers. Continuous pressure of delivering items on right time at the right place is one of the biggest challenges and tracking all the activities is another hefty thing; but with RujulERPs Home Delivery Management the entire loop from dispatch to delivery can be completed with ease.

RnRs RujulERP – Retail, benefits the Food & Beverages, Tyre/Tire, Spare Parts and White Good retailers and gives the continuous improvement in inventory accuracy, cost management, efficiency and profitability. RnR is looking forward to serving industries with its top-notch ERP Solution.

Unique Features

  • Customer Data Management
  • Loyalty management
  • Centralized Master & Merchandise Data Management
  • Centralized Finance & Accounting
  • Robust Cross Chain Reporting
  • Centralized Price List & Discount Management
  • Party Wise Discounts & Schemes Pre-Fixing
  • Data Wise Schemes, Quantity Based Rate & Discounts


  • Helps to keep proper track of sales
  • Bulk Barcode Scanning
  • Reduction in the overhead and Inventory
  • Fast POS Billing
  • Daily Sales & Stock Reports at your fingertips
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