The most common concerns every legal firm are – what value can an ERP based legal management system bring to their organization? Is it beneficial to discard the traditional paper-based work and switching to the new technology?

It’s a fact that the majority of law firms were dependent on the paper-based work system for a long time. As of now, this scenario has changed a lot. Gone are the days, where the law firms used to deal with limited clients and resources to work on the cases. Today, to stay ahead in the competition, legal professionals need a staunch backup, or you can say efficient work methods as they need to manage multiple clients at a time. iRujul-LMS is an ERP based legal management software that can definitely minimize your headache and positively impact your relationship with the clients. Keeping aside the old beliefs and assumptions, let’s understand the core functionalities of iRujul-LMS and how it could prove beneficial for your firm.

Customer Relationship Management is the main feature of iRujul-LMS. It provides you with a complete picture of ins and outs of the organization and helps in managing key information like the history of judgments of the clients, contact details, leads, quotations, payment-related details, and so on.

Another crucial feature of iRujul-LMS is – Communication Management. In simple terms, it keeps a tab on your daily activities such as case-related hearings, case status, and pending invoices. To be honest, it provides great transparency in terms of the operations you perform by allowing you to monitor minute details.
Now, if you are concerned about the security of the documents that contain sensitive information then, there’s a good news. As iRujul-LMS is a cloud-based system, it works on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is the most reliable platform used worldwide for security purposes. In addition to this, iRujul-LMS generates and send accurate reports to the client automatically via an email. If you are interested in the SMS feature instead of email, you can ask the professionals to customize the service.

Last but not least, it has a centralized storage system that allows uploading files in various formats like Excel, PDF, video files, and audio files. With all these features, iRujul-Legal Management System can improve the productivity smoothly and prove to be a trust-worthy asset for your organization.

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