ERP solutions are a part of SaaS that has changed the way business operations were performed in developing countries such as India. The current growth in the ERP market shows how businesses are adopting and implementing ERP solutions every single day. Businesses that deploy ERP systems enjoy a number of benefits such as overall cost reduction, increased per person productivity, quick response times and better customer satisfaction among others.

The above explained scenario clearly explains how ERP or simply said science and technology is accelerating the economy of the country. Even the small businesses are opting for innovative implementation of technologies that help them perform at their best. However, the role of technology vendors cannot be denied in this scenario as well. This is because today SaaS vendors are not focusing only on bigger organizations and MNCs. They too understand the need of small businessmen who need a service that comfortably copes up with the country’s new tax regime (GST).

Small businesses are the backbone of Indian economy and the country cannot hold its significance in the race of developing countries without them. This is why it is important to understand their role in accelerating the economy with the implementation of ERP.

In such a situation, saying that ERP solutions are accelerating the country’s economy, will not be an overstatement. A few points are mentioned here that support this statement.

  • You can easily see how the small stores near you are implementing automated systems such as ERP in their businesses. They use ERP software for managing their stocks, keeping a record of their income and expenses and ultimately file their taxes.
  • The growing figures off ERP sales in the country in past three years also show substantial growth in the implementation of ERP software.
  • Moreover, the small businessmen need to cope up with such tough competition with so many foreign and big Indian brands entering the market segment of the country that were the domain of small and medium businesses. Implementing a competent ERP software such as Tyre ERP helps them streamline their business operations and thrive in tough market competition. Obviously, businesses require certain financial and operational resources to implement such a solution but these solutions definitely reduce the overall costs and manpower requirements in the long run.
  • SaaS vendors definitely understand this scenario and are designing customisable ERP software that suit the limited requirements of small businesses.

Considering all these aspects, low cost ERP systems such as Tyre ERP that cater to both small and big businesses in the market, are making a difference as the firms pay more attention to their growth instead of just surviving in the market. And this definitely shows the changed mindset of Indian businessmen.