Clients are the most vital part of the legal industry. As vital as the clients are it is even more important that law firms take care of their clients. But when it comes to taking care of the clients handling them is one of the most challenging parts. Most commonly addressed challenges are:

  • Prioritizing client tasks
  • Maintaining basic information of clients
  • Untimely Follow-ups
  • Time Management
  • Administrative work
  • Internal miscommunication can lead to inaccurate follow-ups

Not all can plan and execute their day and in some cases, most don’t even have the time to plan out their day. To overcome these challenges having a CRM solution or a customer relationship management solution is a must. Let’s understand how CRM covers up all these pain areas.

1. Automates Workflow
Having a CRM automates the entire work process that links the company to the client. There are several tasks that are minor but are repetitive. CRM ensures that law practitioners don’t waste most of their time in these repetitive tasks. Giving them time to focus on what is more important. Basically it cancels out maximum administrative work.

2. Syncs Calendar
Appointments are a part and parcel of law practitioners’ life. The greatest challenge here is do you remember your appointments? CRM makes it easy for you to keep your appointments synced to your calendar. Ensuring you know your appointments well.

3. Email & SMS
We stay in touch with our clients using phone calls, SMS’s or Emails. The best part of CRM is that it allows you to send emails and SMS to your respective clients. How this gets even more amazing is, you can pre-define your content and send them out to your clients. Saves a lot of time and effort.

4. Contacts
Basic details of a client like a name, number, address and many more details are important. Imagine having to maintain a sheet of these clients. You don’t know if you have a double entry and the hassle of searching the required information. CRM ensures that it saves you the time to search and makes sure that there is no duplicity. At the same time gives you a good analysis of your contacts in detail.

5. Reminders
So many tasks to do, but if you don’t remember what to do and when to do, this is where the biggest problem starts. The system ensures that everything is being reminded on time every time.

6. Updates
One of the most important part of having a cloud system is “updates”. If your system doesn’t update you are lagging behind somehow. You invest once and enjoy the facility of something that is trending today.

Having a CRM is the best decision a law firm can make. It makes everything easy to manage. As much as having a CRM is great for a law firm to manage their clients. But more than that if a law firm opts for a full-fledged management solution like a Legal Management Solution everything will be easy to manage.