Each business has its own merits and challenges. However, with the right staff and software, any business owner can streamline the process he uses in his business and takes it to the next level. IT companies provide a range of solutions that can be helpful to carry out various tasks seamlessly.

ERP software is one of the most popular IT solutions that are being used today by many businesses all over the world. It allows the business to centralise the data and manage it in one place even if they work from different locations. This data can be extracted and managed whenever required without any confusion. Different modules help to easily manage different business operations including procurement, inventory, payroll, sales, distribution, PoS, etc.

Here are a few reasons why we think it is essential to use ERP software for an organised business:

  • ERP software allows all the information to be saved in a single database. The tyre dealers can access information from a single source irrespective of their location. The dealer can check the purchase requests from different departments and plan the purchases accordingly. It is also relatively easy to deal all kinds of payroll and other issues since the data is stored in one place.
  • With GST, many business owners find it tough to handle their taxes. Since GST has never been a part of the Indian tax system, mot accountants cannot handle GST related calculations easily. ERP software can be of immense help since it can calculate values inclusive of GST. This will save the dealer some time and the final calculated price will be the official price of the tyre.
  • You can automate and easily manage service execution business process using ERP software including service booking, billing, and receipts. It enables you to expand your customer base since you can serve your customers effectively. You can also check availability status, credit limits, etc. to manage the distribution chain using ERP software.

ERP software is expensive but it is usually a one-time purchase. Once you get a licensed copy, you ask for assistance from your ERP service provider. They can guide you about the software and how you can use it to its maximum potential. This will ensure that you are not left in the lurch. There are updates from time to time based on the advancement in technology and some of these updates might have a price tag on them but you have the freedom to choose what you want based on your requirements.