ERP for Tyre Industry to Ride Smart

ERP is one of the revolutionary IT solutions that have changed how companies do business these days. For the tyre industry, Tyre ERP is making waves. It has allowed dealers to collect all the data and store in a single database, allowing them to access and use the data as and when they see fit. Proper collection and categorisation of data provide ample opportunities for companies to simplify complex processes such as marketing, accounting, inventory management, etc. Ever since GST came into effe...

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How Block-chain Technology will be Disrupting CRM for Good?

These days information is easily accessible on the internet and technology is taking over everything. Gone are the days when you would have to visit the library for information. Today you can get all the information you want with the touch of a button. In the past few years, different IT solutions have helped business owners stay on top of their games and cater to the needs of their customers. Software like Tyre ERP offer various modules including CRM to help business owners deal with all busine...

Optimize Your Sales Funnel With CRM

There are several ways that a dealer can employ to increase his sales and generate more revenue. An effective way, followed by a majority of dealers, is to maintain a customer database. It allows the dealers to analyse their customers and plan their product placements in addition to other things accordingly. While different software solutions can be used in a business, it is ideal to find one that can carry out a multitude of tasks. Tyre ERP software is one such fantastic software product that h...