Procurement Management

Procurement Management in RujulERP streamlines the entire procurement cycle. It reduces the errors and increase the efficiency and helps to seamlessly integrate and automate business processes throughout your purchase processes.

Inventory Management

RujulERPs Inventory and Warehouse management, allows to manage warehouse space, manage inventory, control the movement of goods within the storage location(s) or to customer sites, and reduce costs. It also allows to manage inventory control levels by setting up planning rules, enhance procurement processes, and increase visibility across your Stock business process.

Sales and Distribution

RujulERPs sales & distribution provides a complete sales management solution for small, mid-sized and big companies. Right from quotations to sales order and all the way to billing the customer, it will help to perform all the activities effectively and error free.

Service Management

RujulERP service management provides adequate mechanisms and tools to implement outside work order process. It also provides integration across parallel functions, including Purchasing, Costing and Finance.


RujulERPs CRM module tools will help to record and analyze market trends, strengths and weaknesses of competitors, customer attitudes, etc., can help to easily convert leads into sales, and develop a customer-centric business strategy. RujulERP supports functions like Lead Management, Quotation Management and Follow-up Management.


The time spent by HR professionals on administrative tasks can be drastically reduced with the help of RujulERPs HRM module. It allows to concentrate more on workforce optimization through strategic HR initiatives.

Finance & Accounting

Data transparency is crucial, RujulERPs finance and accounting module provides drillable information throughout its extensive reports. It offers comprehensive functionality for planning and cost controlling, mitigate risks.

Point of Sales

RujulERPs Point of Sales Module helps users in various different processes and ease the selling. With its next-gen features like, Real-time inventory access, offer instant promos and multiple payments methods of this module will streamline the selling process.

Business Intelligence (BI)

RujulERPs Business Intelligence (BI) Module help organizations to boost the collective IQ with different BI tools. Also, it provides real-time insight, dashboard and applications, data visualization, report and analysis which helps in increasing the efficiency of your business.

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