Rujul ERP for Automotive Industry

Drive your Automobile Dealership on the road of innovations

RujulERP provides a comprehensive and integrated solution for the automobile industry, including vehicle sales, service centers, parts and component suppliers. It is an exclusive solution for automobile dealership which is tightly integrated to manage all your processes seamlessly. From carefully managing your minute auto parts to providing timely deliveries, RujulERP has it all. It’s ready-to-use, flexibility and scalability has made it among the top names around the globe. RujulERP provides automobile industry with extensive and user-friendly features, that have been tried, tested and fully proofed to perform all processes unerringly. The intuitive customizable UI helps it to incorporate easily in any type of automobile industry.

An ideal solution for managing inventory as it provides real-time insight, allowing you to instantly identify overstock or under stock. With the use of built-in controls and tools you are able to optimize workflow, allowing you to reduce expenses while providing a more consistent quality of service for your customers, vendor, inventory and delivery management, marketing and labor efficiency.
Everyday automobile industry meet the challenges of constantly developing market where they should do a lot to be successful, while RujulERP’s best in class financial analysis tool provides a holistic view of your bottom line.

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