Inventory management

Keeping Track of your Stock

No matter either you are a manufacturer, retailor, distributor or wholesaler; managing inventory is quite difficult for all. Keeping eye on continuously reducing stock, stock items and ageing stock can be difficult if not streamlined with proper solution. RujulERPs inventory and warehouse module ensures smooth business operations by giving real time information of current stock including stock on order and ageing stock.

With RujulERP, you can manage your warehouse space, manage inventory, control the movement of goods within the storage location(s) or to customer sites, and reduce costs. With access to real-time, accurate information on overall inventory status. With multiple pricing levels, customer specific pricings, serial number tracking, bin and batch support, it gives complete flexibility to manage inventory and warehouse effectively and efficiently.

You can save time locating items or performing physical inventories, keep regular tabs on stock availability, carry out standard inventory operations, and maintain optimum stock levels while minimizing carrying costs.

  • Extensive Reporting Features
  • Product Discounting
  • Barcode Picking
  • Groups / Kits / BOM
  • Date Range Price Adjustments
  • Product List
  • Multiple Bins, stores and warehouses
  • Inter Company Stock Transfers
  • Serial/ Batch Number Tracking
  • Pop-up Notices

You can trickle down the minutest level of information of your inventory with RujulERPs inventory and warehouse management module. So why wait, be smart and get on to unleash the power of RujulERP and achieve better results quickly.

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