Finance and Accounting

Gain absolute financial control and boost revenues!

RujulERPs Finance and accounting module gives complete flexibility to perform all the finance and accounting related activities of businesses. Our ERP Accounting System allows to quickly transform the entire finance and accounting process cycle into a cost-effective and strategic business asset. With advanced tools and services, it enables to effectively track day-to-day financial transactions. You can also handle multi-company and multi-business units accounting, and integrate your business tightly.

Data transparency is crucial, RujulERPs finance and accounting module provides drillable information throughout its extensive reports. It offers comprehensive functionality for planning and cost controlling, mitigate risks.

You can also analyze all types of costs, in relation to operating expenses, and allocate them in a structured manner. You can also forecast and budget appropriately to recover operating expenses and set profit expectations.


  • Track funds and day-today financial transactions effectively
  • Analyze cash flow
  • Perform variance analysis based on budget vs. actual figures
  • Perform roll-up to compute new standard costs of finished products
  • Undertake profitability analysis of different products, projects and departments
  • Calculate the actual cost of production for a particular work order, and analyze the variance against a set of standard Parameters
  • Generate balance sheets and Trading & profit-and-loss statements in the statutory format on a daily basis
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