ERP Solution for Food and Beverages Industry


Food & Beverage Business operates on razor thin margins with added pressures of managing long customer queue, rush hours and inventory turns. Having the right software for food & beverages software will keep your business moving – smoothly. It helps to know the actual flow of components of your Food Products & Beverages and how they travel before setting up on Outlets Food Shelf. Gathering information about the status of cheese pallet in Kitchen or sack of vegetables and cans of cold drinks or soda can’t be managed without proper ERP software.

RujulERP for Food & Beverages is designed specially to take care of different requirements of
Food & Beverages business – Outlets Owners and Franchise. It gives real-time visibility to the critical Supplier, Store and Shelf information of single or multiple locations with advanced inventory management. It ensures the correct inventory levels that maximize cash flows and profitability, enabling remote customer service rep ordering, manage purchase and sales across multiple outlets, POS billing, and other high-priority tasks like KOT management, schemes and promotions.

RujulERP-Food & Beverages helps you to optimize performance across multiple chains, whether it operates on a local or regional scale. The most welcome aspect of our ERP is that it has become more affordable, easy-to-implement and adept at addressing industry-specific business processes.

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