Tally Integration

The integration of the right technology gives businesses the most result. With changing, requirements businesses rely on a different technology that can make their operation simple and efficient.

Rujul ERP is the most advanced business software solution that ensures the smooth functioning of all business operations. The system, Rujul ERP provides real-time visibility of the required information. We have been continually developing our software that ensures easy operation within the enterprise. Integrating Rujul ERP with Tally makes it a complete and powerful tool, making the job of finance and accounting department simple and flexible.

Data can be easily retrieved from Rujul ERP’s database and sent into Tally for generating financial reports. This feature prevents human errors and saves time by avoiding re-entry into separate systems. It enables an easy flow of business transactions within the enterprise. Transactions can be payments, receipts, sales, purchases, credit notes, debit notes, journals, contra and many more.


  • Eliminates error
  • User-friendly
  • Secure
  • Saves time and cost of staff
  • Automates the process
  • Centralized reporting
  • Reduces complexity and redundancy
  • Accurate reporting
  • View real-time transactions
  • Flexible to business operation
  • Maintain log integrated entries
  • Eliminates duplicate entry
  • Automatic creation of master sheet
  • Manage and view multiple accounts of different types
  • Get GST related reports
  • Accurate data output

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