Marine Power International FZC (MPI) is one of the top-notch facilitators of OE spares and services for diesel/gas engines, turbochargers, separators and other engine auxiliaries. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, MPI ensures to render the best quality spares to their customers. With more than 25 years of experience in the shipping business, MPI has successfully established their business not just in terms of financial profit but, customer loyalty dimension as well.

Innovative Approach Towards Work

Professionals at MPI are driven by a strong belief that before ‘money-making’, the priority should be ‘customer satisfaction’. Such progressive thinking is what sets them apart from the other companies in the market. Their avant-garde approach towards business has fuelled the bond they share with the customers and made them the most trustworthy shipping spares & components traders. While their efforts resonated with their existing core shipping customers, the company found it difficult to manage the daily tasks as the number of customers increased. They were seeking a staunch software that could simplify the day-to-day process and prove beneficial for operations handled from multi-location. Understanding the merits of RujulERP, the company approached RnR Datalex for rekindling and rationalizing their journey.

Earlier Workflow of MPI at a Glance

Before proceeding to the key challenges, let us first understand the earlier workflow of MPI. Being shipping spares & components traders, they deal with customers all over the world. As soon as they receive customers enquiries stating their needs, they forward it to multiple suppliers. Once the suppliers send them purchase quotations, they compare it minutely based on parameters like the pricing, delivery schedule, and currency and then approve. The final sale quotation is then sent to the customer. They create a sales order and ask the suppliers to send it after getting confirmation from the customer. When everything is done without any issue, they schedule the delivery to the customer.

Key Business Challenges Faced by MPI

There’s an adage- With great power comes great responsibility, which proved absolutely true in the case of MPI. The number of customers increased massively as a result of their hard work and quality services. During our conversation with MPI, we got to know the pain points in the working processes of their trading vertical. Thanks to the well-articulated team of MPI, we understood the loopholes clearly. Here are the key business challenges that MPI faced.

  • Prioritizing Customer Orders
  • Managing Supplier Enquiries
  • Limited Resources
  • User Access for Limited Verticals, Make & Models
  • Assembling & Disassembling
  • User-wise Customer & Supplier allocations
  • Customer Quotation
  • Maintaining Excel Sheets
  • Invoice-wise Customer Outstanding
  • Item Specifications
  • Delivery Management
  • Customer-wise & Supplier-wise Turnover
  • VAT Reports & VAT Audit File Generation as per UAE FTA Norms

Solution Highlights

Understanding the needs of MPI business, RnR Datalex offered them the best innovative ERP software – RujulERP. It is a comprehensive business management tool that possesses the capability to help ship chandlers overcome the above-mentioned barriers and increase their revenue. The following are the solutions highlights provided by RujulERP for streamlining the working processes of their trading vertical.

Managing & Prioritizing Customer Enquiries
After the implementation of RujulERP, zealous working professionals at MPI can easily add and manage multiple customers enquiries via customer enquiry transaction. This transaction gives them the provision to add the details of customers such as the products they require, precise quantity, and so on. After submitting the information, they just need to lock it for future work ventures. Depending on the stock availability, they can smoothly prioritize the customer order which was earlier a big stumbling block.

Managing Supplier Enquiries, Quotation & Comparison
Management of supplier enquiries was a major issue faced by MPI. By using RujulERP procurement feature, the hard-working team of MPI is able to manage the details of suppliers. MPI professionals send their requirement to multiple suppliers to get quotations from their end. With the help of comparison utility feature of RujulERP, they can compare the supplier quotations easily. They choose the supplier that renders the finest quality material at least price and raise purchase orders.

User Access for Limited Verticals, Make & Models
Spare bifurcation and data visibility access was the next big challenge because it’s not safe to share all the information with everyone in the organization. Our product, RujulERP resolved this issue by providing customers rights in accordance with the articles. It allowed MPI professionals to allocate different clients to different users and restrict the data visibility with respect to their role. In addition to this, it has inter-departmental dashboards that allow the employees to keep a tab on their daily activities, user notifications and workflow approvals.

Assembling and Disassembling
Assembling and disassembling of the spare parts is not an easy process to manage. With this feature of RujulERP, MPI is now able to maintain BOM (Bill of Materials) or Kit wise stock.

User-wise Customer & Supplier allocations
At present, MPI comprises of 15 users and user-wise customer and supplier allocation is done through master that contains all the required data of customers as well as suppliers to ensure the right workflow.

Customer Quotation
Ideally, the final customer quotation should match the expectations of the customer as well as meet the profit margin of MPI for closing a favourable deal. For framing final customer quotation, our software fetches all the data from parent documents.

MIS Reports
Earlier, business managers and operation authorities at MPI were using excel sheets to manage MIS reports containing the data of different customers and daily business activities. With the help of a centralized reporting feature, they can find the data and track the progress of their organization without relying on excel sheets.

Invoice-wise Customer Outstanding
With our centralized database, MPI team has got an invoice-wise customer outstanding for extracting vital information like the pending payment from the customer.

Item Specifications
RujulERP has an item master that contains all the specifications and attributes in detail of products in a particular product line.

Delivery Management
Our Software ensures even delivery management by providing significant features such as generating and printing, packing list as per schedule that contains item details in various boxes, bill of entry management, dispatching, generating sales invoice for delivered products, and so on.

Multi-Currency Purchases & Bank Transactions
Being the most reputed company across the world, MPI professionals have to deal with people from different countries especially, India and UAE. Our software comprises of a feature that can automatically convert the currency of one country to another. Multi-currency purchases and bank transactions have eased the workflow of MPI.

Multiple Locations & Stock Control
The headquarter of MPI is located in Sharjah and UAE while its branch is located in Mumbai, India. With our multi-location & stock control feature, they are able to efficiently manage and monitor the stock from their headquarters.

Customer-wise & Supplier-wise Turnover
MPI professionals can fetch the net sales generated or the total profit customer wise and supplier wise with the help of our reporting, analytics and dashboard..

Landing Cost Evaluation from Custom Invoicing
The final cost of any product comprises of the base price and add-ons such as VAT. With our software, the professionals at MPI can calculate base price or the landing cost evaluation from custom invoicing without any hassle.

VAT Reports & VAT Audit File Generation as per UAE FTA Norms
RujulERP has efficiently helped MPI to generate specific format (csv, xml) required for VAT reports and audit file according to the UAE’s FTA (Federal Tax Authority) rules.

Business Benefits After the Implementation of RujulERP

The productivity quotient of MPI employees increased drastically within a short span. As RujulERP is extremely user-friendly, working professionals at MPI didn’t find it tough to understand and learn how to operate it in a hassle-free manner. They are now able to monitor complete ins and outs of their business and handle the business-related activities effectively. Do give a look on the benefits through which MPI’s internal processes has simplified and boosted profitability.

  • Customer Enquiry Processing & Tracking
  • Inter-departmental Dashboards
  • Margin-based Item Pricing
  • Simplified Quotation Import
  • Customer Quotation Management & Delivery Tracking
  • Custom Invoicing Based on Quantity & Weight
  • Quality Check & Approval
  • Stock Evaluation
  • Employee, Attendance, Leave & Payroll Management
  • Mobile app for Configurable Dashboards & Approvals
  • Multilevel Workflow Monitor and Control
  • Centralized Reporting

Since our initial voyage, MPI co-operated and trusted us fully, and as a result, Marine Power International became a smashing success with RujulERP.

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