How will GST impact the chartered accountants and company secretaries?

Much is being said about the new GST or Goods and Service Tax that the Indian government is planning to levy. One of the important questions being asked is that how will the GST impact the chartered accountants and company secretary professionals in the country.

Will GST be beneficial to the accounting industry

According to most professionals in the finance industry, GST will be a boon to the CA industry, for the entrepreneurs who pursue practice and the industry aficionados. It not onl...

GST via ERP is a smooth business ride

Why does your ERP software need to be GST ready?

If you have an ERP software then you need to make it GST ready. GST has reduced the complications of the tax structure and it has also reduced the extra tax charges that were charged as indirect tax. This is the reason that with GST it has become easier to manage business. With the help of ERP solutions you can manage your business better and make it GST ready. This in turn will help in making tax easier as ERP is a complete solution and ...