Key to Accelerate India’s Economy

ERP solutions are a part of SaaS that has changed the way business operations were performed in developing countries such as India. The current growth in the ERP market shows how businesses are adopting and implementing ERP solutions every single day. Businesses that deploy ERP systems enjoy a number of benefits such as overall cost reduction, increased per person productivity, quick response times and better customer satisfaction among others. The above explained scenario clearly explains ho...

SaaS Making Invisible Admin a Reality

An administrator is the person who looks after a number of tasks spread in various parts of an organisation. The person is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of records and so many other things. However, with the advent of SaaS (Software as a Service), the need for a human administrator is diminishing day by day. Modern ERP solutions are highly capable of recording, managing and maintaining the data that these are rapidly eliminating the need for a human administrator. Earlier, companies ...

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