An administrator is the person who looks after a number of tasks spread in various parts of an organisation. The person is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of records and so many other things. However, with the advent of SaaS (Software as a Service), the need for a human administrator is diminishing day by day. Modern ERP solutions are highly capable of recording, managing and maintaining the data that these are rapidly eliminating the need for a human administrator.

Earlier, companies were required to outsource/buy, build and maintain their IT infrastructure bearing exponential costs. SaaS offers an opportunity of plugging-in and subscribe to the services built on a collective infrastructure on the internet.

A few possible reasons are given here that explain how SaaS is making invisible admin a reality.

  • SaaS or ERP solutions generally possess a high rate of adoption. These are available for any computer or handheld device such as mobile or tablet. People are also familiar with the internet. This significantly reduces the learning curve as well.
  • SaaS applications or ERP solutions are subscription based. This means that you only have to pay or the specific time period. Apart from the integration in your organization, the initial costs are relatively lower than any other medium. In addition, you do not have to train people about the usage of such solutions. SaaS applications are highly interact and require minimal human intervention. The overall costs of management also go down with SaaS applications as the IT staff intervention is lowered along with the need for people for management.
  • The upgrades, updates and maintenance of the SaaS application is complete responsibility of the service provider. The client does not have to worry about downloading the patches or upgrades for the software. Moreover, the availability of the software is also the concern of the service provider. The client does not need to add hardware, software or bandwidth as the user-base raises.
  • SaaS service providers or vendors with multitenant architecture can seamlessly meet specific customer demand. Most SaaS vendors such as Rujul ERP offer complete customisation facilities that are intended towards niche customer demands such as integration to additional business productivity systems or existing ERP systems.
  • The major reason for SaaS or invisible admin being highly popular is its simplified deployment and reduced customer acquisition costs. SaaS vendors can also support their huge client base with a single product. This is because of the high customization capability of SaaS. A single SaaS software can support a number of clients with specific minimal customizations. This also allows businesses to scale-up without adding too much infrastructure, additional IT staff and increasing deployment costs.