GST (Good and Service Tax) has completely changed how businesses tracked their expenses and expenditures. Earlier, businessmen used to calculate taxes manually or through standalone software. With the coming of GST, all such processes and methods have changed completely. This landmark change in the tax regime has also pushed businesses to adopt advanced enterprise solutions. In addition, with the tax reporting and filing becoming more and more online, business need a robust ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to handle such operations.

In such situations, each enterprise belonging to any specific sector such as the tyre industry requires GST compliant tyre ERP software like the RujulERP for traders. Like any other segment, the tyre business has its own complexities and all these can be effectively dealt with only with a customized approach offered by a GST ready software. The approach requires fast data processing, automation of operations of all category of dealers and service providers, error-free access, and features such as tyre advisor, tyre comparator, tyre specific reports and analytics, service POS Tablet applications, service reminders, franchise management, NSD management, tyre business warranty management, and web-based dashboard.

Here is brief description of the advantages offered by new era GST compliant ERP software for the tyre industry

  • Unified Operations: Organisations that were involved in selling tyres and providing additional services such as tyre traders or tyre franchises used to have separate account codes for VAT (Value Added Tax) and service tax transactions. However, now with all accounts codes being merged into a single code, a GST compliant ERP system becomes a must to manage all transactions and accounting. This has made things quite easy for the tyre industry as they do not have track and maintain multiple accounts and they can also calculate the tax easily through the ERP software such as the RujulERP software for tyre business.
  • Customization and Accessibility: Also, businesses that are using a GST compliant RujulERP – tyre system have an edge over their competitor, as they are already one step ahead of them. This reflects in document management, big data management, data migration, and reduced costs. RujulERP software for tyre business is GST ready and highly customizable and has great accessibility features. This means that businesses can redefine it as per their business model and processes. The accessibility features of the RujulERP – tyre software allow tyre traders that have multiple branches to create separate accounts and manage it comfortably. Such customization also incorporates easy usage and handling as employees and managers can use it in their preferred mode. This makes tyre business management highly efficient and effective.
  • Security Features: ERP software for tyre business come with strict security features such as virus protection, delicate data saving, and 256-bit encryption that offer bank level security. The software also offers advanced features such as restricted access that allow only a few authorised individuals to interact with it to maintain the confidentiality and sanctity of data.

All of these results in reduced operating costs and better decision making as tyre traders and tyre franchises are able to track all expenses according to the current GST tax regime. Moreover, they can estimate the upcoming expenses and try to reduce those in advance. It ultimately helps in tracking the business’ budget and avoiding wastage.