TYREXPO India is a part of a series of events held in India, Singapore, South Africa, and the UK to facilitate business networking in the tyre and auto repair industry in these countries. The tyre industry in the Indian sub-continent has come of age and this can be seen with the inauguration of TYREXPO India 2017 at Chennai. The event witnessed high footfall of both trade visitors and the local population. The presence of all the big shots of the industry including manufacturers and top traders made the event a far bigger success than what was expected. The event lasted for 3 days, each day dedicated to specific discussions and talks by the experts.

One major factor behind the success of the fair was presence of over 3,000 industry leaders from India and abroad over the course of 3 days. Visitors got a chance to exchange information and build new business networks. Discussions on aspects relevant to the country’s tyre market were a part and parcel of the event. A key feature of the fair was the presence of IT solution providers who attended the event to meet their customers and market their tyre solutions.

Some of the leading companies in the ERP software market were also present in the expo. They showcased their products and solutions for the SME market as well as larger industry players. A key aspect of discussions between attendees and the IT solution providers was the effect of GST on the tyre industry in the county.

The leading IT players who provide ERP solutions for these businesses had already incorporated all calculation features of GST into their software, and were able to show their updated products to tyre businesses looking for solutions to manage the effects of the tax. Tyre businesses that bought the updated software now do not have to worry about any complications arising from the tax on their firms. They will be able to easily claim input credit as the ERP software will track all purchased and sales within the state or between two states, and allow them to streamline their accounting and reporting.

In addition to helping businesses manage the effects of GST, the IT solution providers also showcased new features in their ERP software that helped tyre businesses streamline operations and reduce costs. These software solutions were especially helpful for tyre businesses that have operations across more than one city or state, or run more than one outlet. The ERP software allows them to manage all inventory and accounting operations from a single location. Everything from purchases and sales to inventory assessment and order placements can be managed from a single office located in any part of the country.

In addition to the IT solution providers, leading Indian and foreign companies such as BKT, LingLong Tyres, Oriental Carbons & Chemicals Ltd, and L&T Rubber & Chemicals were present at the event. The event featured a number of talks on the first day by the experts and industry leaders such as Dr. Fan Ruliang, (Technology Innovation Director of Jiangsu SinoGran Technologies), Praveen Rajpal (Sarvveshwari Technologies) on relevant issues like Green Tyre manufacturing and development and tyre care and safety.

The talks and panel discussion on e-commerce and online retailing took place on the second day. The discussion was helmed by Kaushik Madhawan (Frost and Sullivan). This event was followed by an Overview on Tyre Testing according to Indian and International regulation, given by Siddharth Tripathi (International Centre for Automotive Technology). However, both of them were not the only speakers as there were other eminent speakers as well not to mention Titash Mondal (Momentive Performance Materials) who talked about NXT (Next Generation) for Green Tyres and Rahul Joshi (Special Speaker) who spoke for the Speed and Safety in Tyre Workshops.

Additionally, daily live workshop demonstrations were a part of the show for all three days twice a day. The demonstrations were conducted by Elgi Rubber and Groz Engineering Tools. TYREXPO ended with TRILA (Tyre and Rubber Industry Leadership Acknowledgment) awards ceremony that honoured various industry players and stakeholders.