What is Business Intelligence? Can integrating BI with ERP system help an organization grow? A BIG Yes!

In this era of digitalization, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become a vital asset to a modern organization. It fosters the growth of an organization by streamlining the internal processes of various departments such as human resources, accounting, finance, sales, marketing, inventory, and manufacturing. On the other hand, Business Intelligence or BI simply refers to an innovative business tool that collects, analyses, and integrates raw data into useful information. With the help of BI integrated ERP software, you can access the entire data in one place. Therefore, upgrading the ERP system with the BI module will be a huge advantage. It can significantly raise the productivity, deliver high accuracy results and drive high revenue to your organization.

Here are 5 crucial ways in which Business Intelligence integrated ERP systems can transform your business for a better…

1. Strategic Planning

ERP solution supporting BI can help you in a comprehensive analysis of data and make you understand key facets of the industry without any hassle.

2. Saves Time Spent for Data Entry

BI integrated ERP software is capable of generating highly precise reports merely by a click of the button. It would significantly reduce the time spent for data entry and improve the productivity.

3. Marketing and Sales

BI induced ERP tools are effective in resolving the queries and deeply rooted issues of your customers by keeping track of their data. It would definitely have a positive impact on the sales.

4. Area of Cost-Cutting

BI and ERP together can help you gain better visibility into the internal processes of your organization which you could utilize to cull the areas of cost-cutting.

5. Customer Engagement

You can easily figure out the latest trends in the market and identify the core needs of the customers with the help of BI integrated ERP software. This would help you in developing and delivering result-oriented products which in return can foster your organization’s growth.


There is a plethora of business management software and tools available in the market but, nothing can match the authenticity of BI integrated ERP solutions. Investing in ERP software comprising BI is a smart move as it provides a 360 view of the ins and outs of your organization and leverages your business by minimizing risks during the decision-making process.