“There’s no use of ERP system in a law firm.”

While this statement is absolutely wrong, the majority of experienced lawyers, solicitors, operation managers, and paralegals still have the misconception that ERP systems are irrelevant for law firms. However, the truth is, ERP possesses the ability to make the functionality of your law organizationeasier by greasing the wheels of crucial operations that require high accuracy.

By the Way, What is ERP?
Even some of the top law professionals haven’t heard about ERP. To be honest, there’s nothing wrong about it. Earlier, when smartphones were new in the market, people used to think that its features are quite tough to handle and they are useless for ordinary people who just want to make a call. However, today smartphones have made our life so much easier. We can pay electricity bills, books tickets, and literally connect with anyone across the globe. Right? Similarly, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP systems can be considered as a tool that can address legal issues, positively impact your relationship with clients, resolve administrative hassles, and prove to be a game changer for your law firm.

How Can iRujul-LMS Legal Management System help Growth of Law Firms?
iRujul-LMS is a modern yet easy-to-use ERP software specially designed to take care of the challenging services and operations of law firms. iRujul-LMS can successfully handle the following major areas in your law firm and increase the overall profitability.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    iRujul-LMS provides a 360-degree approachby managing crucial information such as contact details of present clients, leads, ongoing cases, quotations, history of judgments, profit, and loss statements, and payment related information.
  • Data Security
    iRujul-LMS is web-based software that uses Amazon Web Services (AWS). With iRujul-LMS, you can efficiently manage and access sensitive legal documents remotely.
  • Accurate Reports
    iRujul-LMS generates and sends systematic reports automatically to the client via mail. You can also integrate the SMS feature that can send the updates to the client via SMS in their cell phones.
  • Centralized Storage
    With iRujul-LMS, you can store and upload any kind of document with ease. It supports various formats including Excel, PDF, audio files, and video files.
  • Communication Management
    iRujul-LMS can help keeptrack of day-to-day activities, case-related hearing updates, pending invoices, receipts, case status, and much more.

Top law firms have already started to implement ERP systems to boost their operational efficiency. We encourage you to implement iRujul-LMS Legal Management System as it will definitely be a strong asset to your law firm. If you have any queries, feel free to contact our passionate team members. We’ll be more than happy to assist you!