“Change is Hard at the Beginning, Messy in the Middle and Gorgeous at the End.” – Robin Sharma

Earlier, people used to think that computers won’t make it to the future because of their large size. And today? We need computers literally for doing everything. Similar is the case of ERP software. While the mindset of entrepreneurs has changed a lot towards ERP, there are still some startups and mid-sized firms who rely on traditional tools for their work thinking that ERP is a complex software and meant only for big organizations.
A recent report by NASSCOM has stated that India will be proud home to more than 10 thousand startups by 2020. Woo-hoo! More than 10 K startups! That’s incredible! It would create a huge number of job opportunities for the youth. However, if you look at the bigger picture, your competitors would increase tremendously. Well, we have no intentions of intimidating you but, they might get ahead of the race within a short span if you don’t implement ERP.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP is basically a software which integrates all key functioning areas within an organization including the HR, sales, marketing, inventory, and transportation and helps in boosting the out-turn. You don’t need to invest in buying individual software for every department. ERP is one stop solution for all your business needs.

How do I know If My Business is Ready for ERP?

Have a look at some major issues that might hamper the growth of an organization by affecting its productivity.

  • Too many software for handling various processes
  • Don’t have an easy access to important data
  • Accounting takes a whole lot of time
  • Poor customer experience
  • Sales going down
  • Difficulty in troubleshooting
  • Expensive and time-consuming updates
  • Ineffective and complex systems

If you are facing such issues, it’s high time you implement a modern integrated ERP system. These problems are not to be taken lightly. They can prove to be red flags and adversely affect your business in the long run.


ERP software gives you the agility to respond to various complexities in your business. Having said that, leaving the traditional tools and software and switching to an entirely new system is definitely a challenging task. But, business is all about taking risks and adapting to the trends. Right? So, switch to ERP today and give wings to your business and reach the sky!